Gyirong County Overview

Gyirong County which means "comfortable village" and "Happy Village" is located in the southwest of Tibet autonomous, southwest of Shigatse. The South and southwest are adjacent to the kingdom of Nepal, and the border is 162 km long. It is famous because of its mild climatically conditions and its abundant vegetation which is unusual for Tibetan plateau. The legendary ancient temples and unique Tibetan customs attract countless visitors came here to open her mysterious veil.

Basic Information

Chinese Name: Jilong Xian

Area: 9300km2

Population: 10,000(2003)

Language: Tibetan Language


It is one of the four counties that comprise the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve (Gyirong, Dinggyê, Nyalam, and Tingri). After many more divisions and re-divisions, in the early nineteenth century, the Kashag government had set up four parts in Gyirong which came directly under the jurisdiction of the town of Shigatse. So it is a former district in the south-west of Tibet and is from 1960 onwards a county of the newly established Shigatse of the newly established Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Attractions in Gyirong County

The main attractions in Gyirong County including Gyirong Valley (吉隆沟), Qiangdui Temple(强堆寺), Paba Temple(帕巴寺) and Qudengnima Glacier(曲登尼玛冰川). Visitors can have an extraordinary view in the Shigatse Gyirong County.

Climate in Gyirong County

Gyirong County’s climate can divide into two parts. The north region of Gyirong County is semiarid plateau monsoon climate. The annual average temperature is 2℃. The warmest month average temperature gap between 10℃to 18℃degrees Celsius, while the coldest is 10℃. The annual rainfall is 300 to 600 mm, which belongs to semiarid continental climate zone. While the southern region of Gyirong County is subtropical monsoon climate, the annual average temperature gap between 10 to 13℃and the warmest month temperature are above 18℃. The annual rainfall is 1000 mm and annual frost free days in 200 days or more. More about Gyirong County Climate.

Best Time Travel in Gyirong County

The best time travel here is summer and autumn. Actually, it is suitable for traveling all the year round. But winter is less green and vigorous than summer. 


Gyirong County is located in the southwest of Shigatse. The Shigatse Peace Airport is 525.7km from Gyirong County which takes you 14 hours to drive. The trains have been opened from Lhasa to Shigatse. The whole journey is 253 kilometers, about 3 hours drive. While for foreign tourists, there are some restrictions on traveling to Tibet. So your vehicle has to be arranged by local travel agency. If you use the public transport, you must be accompanied by a tour guide. For more information, please check Gyirong County Transportation.

Travel Tips

Due to the special climate, you should pay attention to prepare some cold weather gear like a hat, gloves, a scarf and a thick winter coat. Because of the high altitude, tourists could take some medicines to pretend from the altitude reaction.