Lake Manasarovar Dining

The quality of eatery only owns the word: basic. The private hotels in Manasarovar can offer simple food with high price, let alone the flavor. It is always best to carry some solid food like instant noodles and biscuit. If conditions permit, bring some fruits and vegetables. 

What to Eat in Kailash Manasarovar Area

Under the influence of bad weather, the food species in western Tibet is very limited. In particular, vegetables and fruits are mostly imported from other places. As a result, food in Ngari is much more expensive than expected. Fortunately, restaurants can still be found in most towns and counties in this remote area. Tibetan food, Sichuan cuisine and Xinjiang cuisine are served in the restaurant. However, on a trip to the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar or further to Kashgar, in most of the time, the food is fried rice, noodles and simple dishes. 

Where to Eat in Kailash Manasarovar Area

When you are travelling to Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, there are some restaurants Darchen Village of Baga Township in Burang County available. In addition, some private guesthouses around lake Manasaroovar can provide simple food with relatively high price.

1. Chongqing Restaurant重庆餐厅
Address: Darchen, Baga Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县巴嘎乡塔尔钦村
Tel: 13889070713/13657601396

2. Yuxiang Restaurant渝香餐厅
Address: Darchen Village, Baga Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县巴嘎乡塔尔钦
Tel: 13896159636

3. Dongbei Fast Food Stir-fry东北快餐小炒
Address: Darchen Village, Baga Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县巴嘎乡塔尔钦
Tel: 15046412088

4. Qinghai Salar Noodle House青海撒拉尔面馆
Address: Darchen Village, Baga Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县巴嘎乡塔尔钦村
Tel: 15719726977

5. Shenshan Pilgrimage Tibetan Food神山朝圣藏餐
Address: Baga Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县巴嘎乡
Tel: 18089074333

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