Lake Manasarovar Accommodation

When you are travelling in the area of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, you can stay overnight at the guesthouses around the area or stay at the hotels in Burang County

Accommodation in Lake Manasarovar Area

The choice of accommodation around Lake Manasarovar is also limited. There are several nameless guesthouse in the village at the foot of Ji Wu temple. The conditions are tough, 30 yuan per bed. The price of some hotels with the same conditions is 35 yuan per bed. The only benefit is that these hotels are close to the lake and you can enjoy the sunrise and waterbirds.

In addition, when doing Kora around Lake Manasarovar, you will pass 5 Buddhist monasteries along the way: Chiu Monastery, Langbona Monastery, Seralung Monastery, Trupo Monastery, and Gossul Monastery. Some monasteries have hotels, but most pilgrims camp outdoors, which gives you a better understanding of Kora around the lake. It is good to stay in a temple for at least one night, as it is not that often one can spend a night in a true Tibetan Buddhist temple, which is an experience you can't miss.

Mount Kailash Accommodation

There are many hostels to choose from when you visit in Mount Kailash Region. But Mount Kailash area is still under the development, please kindly do not hold a high expectation. The accommodation level would be much lower than that in other cities. More importantly, there is no 5-star hotel in this region. Here below are some recommended hotels in the area of Mount Kailash and Burang County, which have relatively elegant environment, well-equipped facilities and excellent service. 

Chinese Name English Name Address Tel.
喜马拉雅·冈仁波齐酒店 Himalaya.Kailash Hotel Mount Kailash Scenic Area, Baga Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县八嘎乡神山冈仁波齐风景区内 13989974987 15502941364
普兰喜玛·拉雅普兰酒店 Himalaya.Pulan Hotel Shannxi Road, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县陕西路 0897-2730999 0897-2602888
噶尔双府商务宾馆 Gaer Shuangfu Business Hotel No.5 Shannxi West Road Shiquanhe Town, Gar County, Ngari阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河镇陕西西路5号 0897-2826966
西苑神山大酒店 Gaer Xiyuan Shenshan Hotel No. 8 Shikun Road, Gar County, Ngari阿里地区噶尔县狮昆路8号 15058247975
普兰金延安宾馆 Ngari Jinyan’an Hotel No.2 Gongga Road, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县普兰镇贡嘎路2号 15062627497 18889071059
普兰孔雀酒店 Pulan Kongque Hotel No.1 Gongga Road, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县贡嘎路1号 18889071059
普兰交通酒店 Pulan Jiaotong Hotel No.25 Gongga Road, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县贡嘎路25号 13908988355
粮食酒店 Liangshi Hotel No.6, Gongga Road, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县贡嘎路6号 13684408778
兴达酒店 Xingda Hotel Darchen Village, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县塔尔钦村 18608194315 18280805051
普兰成都宾馆 Chengdu Hotel Darchen Village, Baga Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县巴噶乡塔尔钦村 18089073446
远方的家住宿 Yuan Fang De Jia Hotel Darchen, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县塔尔钦 18089078068
藏和苑宾馆 Zang He Yuan Hotel No.4, Gongga Road, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县贡嘎路4号 13908976292
神山重庆宾馆 Shenshan Chongqing Hotel Gangsha Village, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县岗沙村 18008973938
普兰神山温馨旅馆 Shenshan Wenxin Hotel Gongga Road, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县贡嘎路 15708078226
普兰东北青年旅馆 Dongbei Youth Hostel Gongzhu Village, Huoer Township, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县霍尔乡贡珠村 13464393964 18168846789

1. What you can book via the Internet or travel agency is the hotel with limited resources(Mostly the standard room or multi-bedded room with no independent toilet but the basic living necessities including the running water, light, electric blanket, cushion, and wool quilt).

2. Book online in advance or choose a reliable travel agency to help you solve all problems.

3. You are suggested to bring your own food and some high-calorie food like chocolate, as well as medicines like cold medication and Rhodiola. Pay attention to keep warm in the whole journey, don't catch a cold, which could be dangerous on the Tibetan Plateau. 

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