Lake Manasarovar Shopping

There are not too many options around in the area around Lake Manasarovar, since everything there needs to be developed. If you want to buy some souvenirs or some daily necessities, you are suggested to prepare in advance or get them in Lhasa where is usually the first stop of Tibet Tour. Of course, some basic snacks and daily necessities available in Ngari Prefecture. And some stalls can be seen in scenic area during tourism season. Tourists could buy some local things in Ngari Prefecture.

What to Buy in Ngari Lake Manasarovar Area

1. Cordyceps

A kind of wild plants which grow on the grass shrub belt of the mountains over 3000 to 5000 meters. In Tibet, it is called yartsa gunbu, which means 'summer grass, winter worm' in Tibetan langusge, although it is technically neither grass nor worm. For centuries, cordyceps has been thought to possess miraculous medicinal and libidinous powers.

2. Tibetan carpets

Tibetan carpets are used in a wide range, divided into card mats, carpets, cushions, tapestries, horse pads, forehead’s ornaments and other parts of the decorations, and other products also belong to this type.

3. Yak Meat

Ngari is famous for its Yaks. The local Yak meat is widely popular in the all Tibet, even in China.

Where to Buy in Ngari Lake Manasarovar Area

Here below are some places you can shop.

1. Pulan Border Trade Market中国西藏普兰边贸市场
Address: Provincial Road 207, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县207省道

2. Dege Tourist Shop德格旅游商品店
Address: National Road 219, Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县219国道

3. Kongque Supermarket Wholesale Department孔雀超市批发部
Address: No.2, Gongga Road, Burang Town, Ngari阿里地区普兰镇贡嘎路2号

4. Shunping Tourist Supplies Center顺平旅游用品中心
Address: Burang County, Ngari阿里地区普兰县

5. Zanghan Baiyi Supermarket藏汉百益超市
Address:No.9, Shiquanhe East Road, Gar County, Ngari 阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河东路9号
Tel: 0897-2669999/17708979888

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