Markam County Dining

Markam County has numerous guest houses and a variety of small food and beverage outlets.

What to Eat on Your Tibet Markam County Trip - Recommended Foreign Friendly Tibetan Restaurants

Travelling in Tibet matters not only viewing all kinds of distinctive scenery there but also experience a quite local life as Tibetans. No one will oppose the opinion that eating during every visit is essential for the whole journey. Maybe the dining and drinking in Tibet is not what you thought as most cities you have been visited, there are still some situations you need to figure out.

Because of Tibetan special regional characters and ethnic customs, generally we offer Tibet tour packages with hotel buffet breakfast only to set apart more options for palatable meals as you like for your lunch and dinner. Our Tibet local guide will recommend you some optional restaurants or cuisines apart from Tibetan Cuisine.

Eating Priorities – What to eat and how to choose

A. What kind of food you can have in Tibet?

Tibetan Cuisine is the most common meal and the core of Tibet food culture. Developed from Tibetan special geography conditions of high altitude, cold weather, and background of major graziery and some ethnic traditions, Tibetan Cuisine may be little hard to accept for all tourists. If you are interested in Tibetan culture, it’s a must-try for you to getting close to Tibetans and Tibet traditions and customs in person.

In order to meet different needs of increasing domestic and foreign tourists, improved Tibetan cuisine and other cuisines like Nepal Dishes, Indian Dishes, Western-style food, Chinese food and etc. turn up in Tibet, especially in downtown Lhasa, giving Tibet travelers more choices. In other destinations outside Lhasa, dining choice is relatively less and the easiest getting one is Tibet Cuisine.

Tibet Restaurants
Tibetan, Indian, Nepalease, Chinese & Western Dishes

B. How to Choose a Restaurant to go?

Tourists have the freedom to choose which restaurant to have lunch and dinner. Considering the taste of food, you can make decisions based on your flavor, whether accept fresh new dishes or try some Nepali food or have the most Chinese popular Sichuan Cuisine. Besides, since you are on a Tibet tour, it’s advisable to select restaurants nearly your hotel or attractions you will visit or just finish visiting, convenient to get to. We do not suggest going where are far away from your hotel/ scenic spots for long distance transportation that does no good for your rest and recharging at high elevations.

A newcomer in Tibet maybe puzzled about deciding which restaurant is the most suitable one or you've already have a pretty clear idea after doing some research. It’s best to consult with Tibet guide and do a doule-check, tell your likes and dislikes, all factors you consider and get advice from him / her if you prefer a budget place to eat.

Tibet Restaurants
Dining Factors Tourists Care about
Top Visited Tibet Restaurants

Here are some Tibet restaurants foreign tourists visit frequently and meanwhile receiving good feedbacks. Not merely being foreign friendly restaurants in good locations, these dining places provide diverse dishes and reasonable price and good service as well.

Lhasa is the capital, most developed city in Tibet owns the best and the most choice for tourists. In Lhasa, there are restaurants sorted by different price range and offer diverse cuisines with better service and facilities than rest destinations, even has coffees, teahouses and bars for entertainment. While traveling in Shigatse or other regions of Tibet, tourists will get less choice than Lhasa, which means the environment and cuisines are simpler to basic and rough in remote areas like Mount Everest and Mount Kailash.

Eating in Qamdo Region Markam County in Tibet

In Nyingchi, Qamdo and rest places Markam County in Tibet, tourists have great chance to taste local flavors that only made and available in the locality. Faced with traffic and material shortage, less-developed tourist cities simply offer you some common Tibetan Cuisine and special regional dishes, a worth try for your Tibet travel.

Lulang chicken soup cooked in special stone pot and Nyingchi exclusive fragrance pork are the two main features. When travelling to Ngari, Ngaqu, Qamdo prefectures, ordinary Tibetan cuisine and some simple Chinese dishes can be found in the town or county near attractions. Tsampa, butter tea, dry yak and mutton meat, yogurt and Tibetan hotpot and noodles are the most frequently eaten food. Prepare some snacks or fruit if you don’t get used to new style food. A good suggestion is that try some improved Tibetan cuisine to avoid hungry and acclimate yourself.