Markam County Attractions

Attractions of Markam County

Rock Carvings: Eight rock carvings found in the Tibet autonomous region's Markham county have been confirmed as dating to the Tibetan Tubo Kingdom more than 1,000 years ago, according to the county's cultural relics bureau.

A survey of the archaeological finds began in the second half of last year and was carried out by four experts from Sichuan University's Tibetology Institute while working alongside representatives from the county's cultural relics and tourism bureaus. "More than 20 people took part in the survey, as the carvings are distributed across eight sites in the county's three townships," said He Fanhua, from the cultural relics bureau. "Our bureau will now propose to higher cultural relics units that measures be taken to protect the petroglyphs." He said preservation was essential because some of the petroglyphs are located less than 600 meters from the nearest villages. Many stone carvings have been uncovered in Markham county over the years, including a giant statue of the Vairochana Buddha found in 2011 - one of the three biggest in the whole of Tibet. Zhang Yanqing, or Palchen Dorjee, a professor at Sichuan University's Tibetology Institute, said the petroglyphs dated to either the reign of Tibetan King Trisong Detsan (AD 755-797) or Tride Songtsan (AD 798-815). "They include cliffside carvings, circular engraved statues, ancient Tibetan texts, and Mani stones," he said. The carvings reflect the long history of cultural exchange in the region and are influenced by a number of styles ranging from Indian to Chinese, according to Zhang. "As both Buddhist art and a historical find, these carvings are of great value and should be protected," he added.

Yanjing Catholic Church: In this region, there is the only Catholic church of Tibet, Yanjing Catholic Church in Markham (Mangkang) County. Historically, the noted Tea and Horse Ancient Road pass through Chamdo, leaving everlasting mystery. Anyway, spectacular natural landscape and rich cultural deposit together make the irresistible charm of Chamdo.

Quzika Hot Spring: Quzika Hot Spring(曲孜卡温泉), Markam County,Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Tibetan Aut. Region.

Jueba Mountain: Jueba Mountain(觉巴山), within the county, Markam County,Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Tibetan Aut. Region.

Duolarizhui Scenic Resort: Duolarizhui Scenic Resort(多拉日追), Ancient Ruins, Duolarizhui Scenic Resort, Zongxi Township, Markam County,Qamdo Prefecture, Tibet Tibetan Aut. Region.

Langba Langzeng Temple: Langba Langzeng Temple(朗巴郎增寺), Religious Sites, Randui Village, Bangda Township.

Salt Wells and Fields of Changdu: Salt Wells and Fields of Changdu(昌都盐井盐田), Geologic Formations, Naxi Township.

Dameiyong Snow Mountain: Dameiyong Snow Mountain(达美拥雪山), Mountains, Within the County.