Nagqu Dining

In this part, Nagqu Dining shows you Nagqu food culture and food information such as Zanba, Yak butter tea, highland barley wine and the like. Nagqu is a famous scenic spots in Tibet, and traveling here is an interesting thing. Affected by geographical environment and the harsh climate, Nagqu food has strong flavor of that of Tibet. And we all know that Tibetan food is mainly animal by-product, such as beef, lamb and pork. Butter, cheese, while vegetables are limited in Tibetan family. In people’s daily life, tea, fresh milk, and yogurt are indispensable. A variety of cooked wheaten food and staples have been similar to those in any other areas in China, but residents here still keep the habit of having traditional buttered tea, milchigs, pork, beef and mutton.

What to Eat in Nagqu

Must-eat Food in Nagqu

Stewed Chicken with Chinese Caterpillar Fungus and Matsutake(虫草松茸鸡)

The stewed chicken with Chinese caterpillar fungus and matsutake is a special Tibetan dish. The Chinese caterpillar fungus, matsutake and local chicken from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are selected. It is beautiful in appearance, full of exotic colors, mellow taste and high nutritional value. The stewed chicken with Chinese caterpillar fungus is not only a delicious dish, but also a nourishing good. Matsutake has the effect on nourishing and disease resistance.

Stewed Mutton with Mushroom(蘑菇炖羊肉)

Nagqu is rich in mushrooms, especially the grassland in the rainy season. At that time, the rainfall is abundant, and all sorts of mushrooms can be found everywhere. During the rainy season, local Tibetans cook the mushrooms with mutton. After a period of stewing, the mutton is very delicious. What's more, the mushrooms are still crisp and also very delicious.

Pickled Mutton Chops with Saffron Crocus(红花羊排)

The picked mutton chops with saffron crocus is one of the popular local cuisines in Nagqu and the mutton chops are specially pickled with the saffron crocus. In winter, eating mutton can not only increase body heat, resist cold, but also increase digestive enzymes, protect stomach wall, repair gastric mucosa, help digestion of spleen and stomach and play an important role in anti-aging.

Air dried meat(风干肉)

As the staple of herdsmen in Tibet, the food made from mutton or beef is dried by air, nutritious and tasty. To a great extent, air dried meat is the very picture of typical characters of Tibetans-openness, enthusiasm and wildness.


There are two kinds of cheeses. One is the substance from milk after being extracted butter. After boiling, it condenses into the solid form before pressing it to the various shapes. The other is done by boiling in the buttermilk before drying it and cutting it into thready or granular shapes.


Tsampa is known as the national food of Tibet. Tibetan people may have this everyday. It is usually made of ground barley flour and often mixed with butter or yak butter tea.


Tibetan people’s origin is the nomadic tribe, so the cattle and other animals can be seen almost everywhere. So, the beef is the main food in Tibetan people’s table. Beef here is much more tasty than beef of other places since cattle here can ramble freely.


Mutton is another specialty in Nagqu. Honestly speaking, the mutton is also the main food of Tibetan people, which is the same as the beef. The meat of sheep and goat is different, so before you order the dishes, you can tell the restaurant what kind of meat you want to eat.

Tibetan Bala Pie(吧啦饼)

It is a typical Tibetan snack baked with flour, sugar, yak butter, and other ingredients. It is very crispy and the fragrance is inviting. If you add walnut kernels, it gets the nucleolus flavor. While adding osmanthus flower, it is the sweet-scented osmanthus flavor. So you can choose different kinds of flavor according to your own preference.

Drinks in Nagqu

Yogurt (酸奶)

Tibetan yogurt uses fresh yak milk, which is not the same as our daily yogurt. It is made by cooking, cooling and fermenting. Tibetan yogurt is milky white and mushy. The taste of Tibetan yogurt is sour, the texture feels pure and thick, and the milk taste is full. If it is their first time tasting, most people will not be used to the special taste, but after a while, this special taste will be appreciated.

Highland Barley Wine(青稞酒)

Highland barley wine, with its unique style of pure fragrance and sweetness, enjoys great reputation in the western areas of China.  Compared to other Tibetan food and drinks, the barley wine is a unique drink for Tibetans. Moreover, from choosing materials, immersion, cooking, fermentation and blending, each procedure is very particular and careful. Therefore, highland barley wine is necessary at festivals, marriage feasts and on some other important Tibetan occasions. In November 2011, highland barley wine and its brewing technology were rated as intangible cultural heritages of China.

Note: It is not suggested to drink alcohol in Tibet in case you may get high altitude sickness, but it is alright to have a taste of the special Tibetan Barley wine in your Nagqu tour.

Buttered tea (酥油茶)

It is the main drink of Tibet. In the winter, you can dispel cold. If you feel starved, you can satisfy your hunger; if you are sleepy, buttered tea can assist you in relief from fatigue. Hospitable Tibetans often entertain guests with the tea, so you are suggested not refusing them, otherwise you are considered impolite.

Where to Eat in Nagqu

Tibetan Cuisine Restaurants

  • Nagqu Restaurant(那曲饭店)
    Tel: (0896)3822424
    Add: No. 23 Middle Zhejiang Road, Nagqu(浙江中路23号)
  • Nagqu Qiangwangqiu Ethnic Grand Restaurant(那曲强旺秋民族大饭店)
    Tel: (0896)3338888
    Add: No. 001 South Chaodan Road, Nagqu County, Nagqu, Tibet(西藏自治区那曲地区那曲县超丹南路001号)
  • Brothers Restaurant(兄弟饭店)
    Add: West 50 meters of the Junction of South Lhasa Road and No. 109 National Highway, Seni District, Nagqu(那曲市色尼区拉萨南路与109国道交叉口西50米)

Sichuan Cuisine Restaurants

  • Damei Sichuan Restaurant(大妹川菜馆)
    Tel: /
    Add: North of No. 109 National Highway, Seni District, Nagqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region (西藏自治区那曲市色尼区109国道北)
  • Shili Chuanxiang(十里川香)
    Tel: 15183550634
    Add: Jianshe Road, Nyima County, Nagqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区那曲市尼玛县建设路)
  • Chuanfu Taste(川府味道)
    Tel: /
    Add: West 150 meters of the Interjection of Pingan Street and No. 302 Provincial Highway, Biru County, Nagqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region(西藏自治区那曲市比如县平安大街与303省道交叉口西150米)
  • Chongqing Restaurant(重庆饭馆)
    Tel: 18989066210
    Add: Nearby No. 17 Middle Liaoning Road(辽宁中路17号附近)

More about Restaurants in Nagqu

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