Nagqu Transportation

Nagqu Transportation Guide serves you some information and introduces fights to Nagqu, Nagqu trains, Nagqu bus, Nagqu taxis and ways of getting to & around Nagqu in Tibet. Nagqu is a prefecture-level city located in the northern part of Tibet – between Tanggula Mountains and Nyenchen Tangula Mountains. It borders Xinjiang & Qinghai Province in the north and Chamdo Prefecture in the east, adjoin Lhasa, Nyingchi, Shigatse in the south and Ngari in the west. Covering an area of 450,543 square kilometers, Nagqu is the largest prefecture in Tibet.

How to Get to Nagqu

By Air

Nagqu Dagring Airport (Chinese: 那曲达仁机场) is a planned airport that will serve in Nagqu of Tibet. It is expected to cost 1.8 billion yuan (263 million US dollars) and cover an area of 233 to 266 hectares. If built, it will be the highest airport in the world at 4,436 m (14,554 ft), surpassing Daocheng Yading Airport as the highest. The airport is part of a Chinese government development scheme to build 97 airports across China by 2020. By then, the authorities intend that four-fifths of China’s population will be within a 90-minute drive of an airport.

By Train

Thanks to the construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Lhasa can be reached by train from gateway cities-BeijingXianShanghaiGuangzhouChengduChongqing, etc. Some trains connecting Lhasa and the above gateway cities will stop in Nagqu Railway Station, so you can easily get to Nagqu by train from Lhasa or these major cities from China. During the journey on the train, you will go some fabulous sightseeings such as Qinghai Lake, the beautiful Qarhan Salt Lake, the spectacular Kunlun Mountains and Hohxil Nature Reserve. If you travel to Nagqu from Lhasa, it only takes about 3.5 hours.

The Main Railway Stations in Nagqu

By Long-distance Bus

After arriving at Lhasa by air or train, tourists should take long-distance bus in Lhasa East Bus Station to Nagqu, which is about 330 kilometers away from Lhasa. Nagqu is an important City in Tibet, and also an important traffic artery along Qinghai-Tibet Highway. The transportation from Nagqu to other destinations is very convenient, especially the transport to Lhasa and Qinghai.

The Main Bus Stations in Nagqu

Note: It is better to choose buses of regular bus team or travel agency. In Tibet and other places, there are many baits, you must pay attention and do not be tricked by them.

By Car Rental

Some tourists would like get to Lhasa by flight firstly and then transfer to Nagqu by car rental. It is a long trip to drive to Nagqu from Lhasa, but you can stop for sightseeing or photography whenever you want. The road connects Nagqu and Lhasa is about 330km and it takes nearly 6~7 hours. Anyway, Taking a train from Lhasa to Nagqu is a better option.

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How to Get Around Nagqu

By Taxi

The starting price of taxi in Nagqu is 10 yuan and there is always no meter. It's recommended to go walking because the downtown is not large. Pedicabs can be seen everywhere and the price is usually 3 yuan.

By Bus

Traveling by bus can better observe the scenery or city dynamics along the way. A city change may be reflected in the street, and a bus can better observe the changes in scenery and streetscape along the way, you can understand the dynamics of a city.

By Bicycle

Cycling is popular in Nagqu. There are several shops renting bikes in Nagqu City. The highly recommended way is to contact a travel agency, not only for convenience, but also for your safety. If you want to have a hiking tour in Nagqu, please contact us, we have Tibet cycling tours including Nagqu, well arranged for your choice.

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