Nagqu Attractions

Top Nagqu Attractions include Changtang Plateau, Nyenchen Tangula Mountains, etc. Plan your Nagqu Tour and visit the top attractions of Nagqu. Nagqu never fails to draw the tourists’ attention by its charm though it’s not a very popular destination in Tibet. Speaking of Nagqu, what people come into thought is the long-stretching snow-covered ranges, the endless stream of spring, and boundless prairies. Nagqu’s history and culture will make you love it more. The most eyes-catching attractions in Nagqu definitely comes to be Changtang Plateau and Nyenchen Tangula Mountains. In addition, Ancient Xiangxiong Ruins, Basu Rock Paintings, Yarlung Scenic Area are really worth paying a visit. Don’t miss the Horsing Racing Fair which is a funny and wonderful game as well as a local performance.

Top Attractions in Nagqu

Nagqu, a place with long history, is always a heaven for many people all over the world. Nagqu is also a perfect destination for people who want to seek for antiquity, explore the fascinating natural sceneries. When you come to Nagqu, the top attractions in Nagqu are must-visit.

Monasteries and Temples in Nagqu

Throughout the ages, the temples have carried people's beautiful sustenance to life, attract countless believers to come to worship. The temples in Nagqu can be described as numerous. There is always one that will make you stay and feel the beautiful sceneries of Nagqu. What's more, the monasteries and temples in Nagqu are the best places to experience the Buddhism Culture.

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Lakes, Waterfalls, Ponds and Rivers in Nagqu

As a famous tourist attraction at the foot of Snow Mountains, Nagqu attracts many tourists. Nagqui has many waterfalls and glaciers. For people who love waterfalls and glaciers, Nagqu is the best place to go. and you love waterfalls and glaciers.

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Hot Springs, Glaciers, Wetlands and in Nagqu

Mountains in Nagqu

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Historical & Cultural Sites in Nagqu

Other Attractions in Nagqu