Namtso Lake Accommodation

Namtso Lake is widely regarded as a must-see tourist destination in Lhasa, where you can enjoy magnificent sunrise, sunset and starry sky. Travelers are usually recommended to spend a night by the lake, therefore, guesthouses at Namtso Lake are popular. Otherwise, you can also stay overnight in the county seat of Damxung County or Baingoin County, which are not too far from Namtso Lake.

Guesthouses at Namtso Lake

Name Address Description
Shenhu Namtso Hotel神湖纳木错客栈 Tashi Dor Island With relatively good decorations and large scales, Shenhu Namtso Hotel is regarded as the best hotel on Tarshi Dor Island with a large lobby and considerate services.
Youyuan Hotel有缘客栈 Tashi Dor Island Close to the Lake. Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains can be seen from room windows. A little bit far from the public toilet. Foods provided in this hotel are delicious.
Chuanyu Hotel川渝客栈 Tashi Dor Island Has a large parking lot and neat living rooms.
Yujian Hotel遇见客栈 Tashi Dor Island A romantic hotel with not luxurious decoration but kinds of delicious food.
Shenyang Hotel沈阳客栈 Tashi Dor Island Large-scale hotel with well-decorated guest rooms.
Sha County Snack Hotel (Shaxian Xiaochi Hotel)沙县小吃宾馆 Tashi Dor Island Namtso Lake can be seen from the guest house. No large and convenient parking lot.

Hotels in Damxung County

62 kilometers away from Namtso Lake, there is a place called Damxung County, where the hotel is much better than the Lake Hotel. If visitors mind staying at Namtso Lake, they can choose to stay at the hotels in Damxung County. With millions of visitors a year, the hotels there has been developed to maturation. Damxung County has different sizes and considerate services of hotels at all levels.

Chinese Name English Name Address Tel.
当雄宏远大酒店 Hongyuan Grand Hotel No.19, East Road of Dangqu River, Damxung County, Lhasa拉萨市当雄县当曲河东路19号 0891-6112682 13322584053
当雄华宇宾馆 Huayu Hotel No.147, East Road of Dangqu River, Damxung County拉萨市当雄县当曲河东路147号 18389014373 13889090919
尚客优连锁酒店 Thank Inn Chain Hotel Tuanjie Road, Damxung County当雄县团结路 0891-6908111
圣湖旅游宾馆 Shenghu Tourist Hotel No.186, East Road of Dangqu River, Damxung County拉萨市当雄县当曲河东路186号 15763208996
当雄祥云商务酒店 Xiangyun Business Hotel Opposite side of the Armed Force Department, Damxung County拉萨市当雄县当曲河东路武装部斜对面 0891-6519941 15237626386
当雄君临酒店 Junlin Hotel No.9, East Road of Dangqu River, Damxung County拉萨市当雄县当曲卡镇当曲河东路9号 0891-6195050 13452006980
当雄鑫丰源宾馆 Xin Feng Yuan Hotel No.186, East Road of Dangqu River, Damxung County拉萨市当雄县当曲河东路186号 13618905958
当雄凯峰宾馆 Kaifeng Hotel No.55, East Road of Dangqu River, Damxung County拉萨市当雄县当曲河东路55号 15089090208
当雄白马宾馆 Baima Hotel No.2, East Road of Dangqu River, Damxung County拉萨市当雄县当曲卡河东路2号 0891-6112098


1. With high altitude and changeable weather, there is no star-rated hotel.

2. What you can book via the Internet or travel agency is the hotel with limited resources(Mostly the standard room or multi-bedded room with no independent toilet but the basic living necessities including the running water, light, electric blanket, cushion, and wool quilt).

3. Visitors can stay overnight at Namtso lake, with two options: book a hotel or sleep in a tent.

4. No big meals are provided at Namtso lake guesthouses, but some simple Tibetan and Sichuan dishes with relatively high prices.

5. If you do mind the accommodation conditions at Namtso Lake, you can choose to stay in Damxung county, about 62 kilometers away from Nantso lake with no shuttle bus. 

6. Book online in advance or choose a reliable travel agency to help you solve all problems.