Namtso Lake Festivals and Activities

Most Tibetan festivals are full of the color of  religion. In addition to annual large-scale worship rituals to Buddha and Buddhist masters, Tibetan people will also hold a series of festivities associated with religious life and agricultural production consisting of religious festivals and folk ones. There are almost a hundred festivals in a year, some of which even last for ten days.

Festivals in the Areas Around Namtso Lake

Located at the junction of Lhasa and Nagqu, Namtso Lake has a distance of over 240 km from Lhasa. There are many Tibetan festivals celebrated in Lhasa and Nagqu. Here are several important and grand festivals.

1. Shoton Festival雪顿节

Among the areas of around Namtso, the most grand festival is Shoton Festival celebrated in Lhasa, "Xuedun" means yogurt eating days in Tibetan language. The festival starts from 30th June in Tibetan Calendar and lasts for 5 days. During the festival, a huge Buddha Thangka will be shown in Drepung Monastery and wonderful Tibetan operas will be performed in Norbulingka Park. Both local residents and tourists can enjoy gala party and Tibetan drama performance. 

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2. Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year Festival(It's around February in the solar calendar, lasting 3 days) is another significant festival in Tibet. On the first day of the New Year Festival, the locals will celebrate the coming year in elaborate dresses. The local performances in the Potala Palace Square is played and there will be sutra-chanting in Jokhang Temple

3. Nagqu Horse Racing Festival

Like many nomadic peoples in the world, Tibetans and horses are very closed. Nagqu Horse Festival, which is named "Daqiong" in Tibetan language, is a large-scale traditional festival in northern Tibet. Every year on August 1st, the Nagqu Horse Racing Festival kicks off in Tibet and lasts five to fifteen days.

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Lhasa Festivals and Activities

Nagqu Festivals and Activities

Activities at Namtso Lake

1. Enjoy Magnificent Scenery

In clear weather of Namtso Lake, water presents an amazing shade of turquoise, and you will be surrounded by the magnificent views of the nearby mountains. The open space is dotted with the local herdsmen's tent. You can also take a walk along the lake or climb a nearby hill to explore the area.

2. Photograph Sunrise and Sunset

The sunrise and sunset of Lake Namtso are amazing! The broad lakes and snow-capped Nyenchen Tanglha mountains beautifully capture the low-angle sunlight. Namtso Lake must be one of the best places to photograph sunrise and sunset in Tibet.

3. Walk Around the Lake

Namtso has been a holy place for centuries. At the end of winter, devout Buddhists often walk on the lake with their food. The next winter when the lake water freezes, they will come back again. But the Chinese government does not allow this right now.

4. Hiking

Namtso Lake is very quiet with beautiful scenery, is a good place to wander around. Standing on Tashi Peninsula, you'll feel like you're standing in the middle of the lake. You can spend some time there leisurely, listening to the wind and watching the glittering ripples. The water is clear, and if you are lucky enough, you can see the fish in the water. You can feel all of these on foot, and hike to see goats and yaks on the grass.