Namtso Lake Administrative Divisions

The coordinate of Namtso Lake is North Latitude 30°30′-30°35′ and East Longitude 90°16′-91°03′. Located in the southeast of the Northern Tibetan Plateau, in the central part of the Tibet Autonomous region, on the border of Damxung County in Lhasa and Baingoin County in Nagqu, Namtso lake is about 240 kilometers from Lhasa. About 60% of the lakes are located in Baingoin County, and 40% in Damxung County. Therefore, Namtso Lake Administrative Divisions involve Damxung and Baingoin two counties. 

Administrative Divisions Area( Population Seat of Government Areas under Jurisdiction
Damxung County in Lhasa City 10036 40,000(in 2013) Damquka Town当曲卡镇

2 Towns: Yangbajain Town(羊八井镇) and  Damquka Town(当曲卡镇)
6 Townships: Namtso Township(纳木湖乡), Gongtang Township(公塘乡), Nyingzhung Township(宁中乡), Gyaidar Township(格达乡), Uma Township(乌玛塘乡), Lungring Township(龙仁乡)

Baingoin County in Nagqu City 30138 41,579(in 2014) Pukpa Town普保镇 4 Towns: Pukpa Town(普保镇), Bella Town(北拉镇), Jakhyung Town(佳琼镇) and Dechen Town(德庆镇)
6 Townships: Machen Township(马前乡), Mentang Raktsek Township(门当乡), Poche Township(保吉乡), Chinglung Township(青龙乡), Shikhyer Township(新吉乡), Nyima Township(尼玛乡)

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