Nyima County Dining

No trip to Tibet is complete without trying local Tibetan food. While a little limited in ingredient options due to the harsh climate, its rather high altitude, very religious belief and ethnic customs endow the traditional Tibetan food with many unique characters which will offer your palate a rare and comforting treat.
To resist the severe weather of the high attitudes, Tibetan Nyima County cuisines mainly focus on a variety of high-calorie ingredients such as beef, mutton, yak meat, and dairy products. Fish is seldom served for the religious reasons. Regarding culinary practices, Tibetan cuisine enjoys a heavy influence of Chinese cuisine, neighboring Indian and Nepalese cuisine, as well as its nomadic lifestyle.
For your reference, the following is our list of most recommended Tibetan Nyima County food and top-rated places to eat in Tibet. Consider these nearby restaurants and cuisines.
· Tsampa
· Butter Tea
· Tibetan Noodle

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