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Nyima Tour is one of the attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists of stunning  views in Tibet. It couldn't be better to tour Nyima County when travelling in Tibet. As the Top Tibet tour operator, Mysterious Tibet promises to present the ultimate travel experience to world-wide tourists via a galaxy of carefully-engineered tour products. Our quality service begins as our thoughtful travel consultants handle your emails to inquire a customized Tibet tour. 
All our seasoned Tibetan guides are well-trained and hospitable. They are ready to help you out whenever you have difficulties touring in Tibet. Meanwhile, ensuring a pleasant and safe tour on the extreme plateau is our primary concerns. We provide some types of tour packages for visiting Nyima County including these famous attractions at the best price:

• Daguer Snow Mountain(达果雪山):  Daguer Snow Mountain is located in Nyima County, which is said to be the gathering place of ancient elephant, and also the main vein of male elephant to three hundred and sixty peaks, Daguer Snow Mountain is one of the four great snow mountains in Tibetan area.

• Qiangtang Nature Reserve(羌塘自然保护区): The wild animal resources are rich and precious such as the Tibetan antelope, Tibetan wild donkey, wild yak, snow leopard, Brown bear, snow chicken, Tibetan gazelle, blue sheep, argali, bar-headed goose, gray duck, duck and other national first and second class protection of animals which altogether up to 20 species.

• Stone Paintings(石画): Along the mountains in Nyima County, there are many survived rock paintings in ancient times. The Petroglyph in Rongma Township is the most famous one. The rock paintings are mainly composed of cattle, sheep, horse and buffalo with simple and bright painting style. Different stones will show a different picture as the season and time changes.

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