Qonggyai County Attractions

Qonggyai County was the center of politics, economy and culture in ancient Tibet. Traveling in Qonggyai County, tourists shouldn’t miss Tombs of Tibetan Kings(藏王墓), Songtsan Gampo Tombs(松赞干布墓), Jieluola Snow Mountain(结罗拉雪山), Tangboqie Temple(唐波且寺) and Jianye Temple( 建叶寺). 

• Tombs of Tibetan Kings(藏王墓): the most well-preserved large-scale kings’ tombs. These tombs not only reflect Tibet's burial funeral system, but also has important value to the study of the Tubo Dynasty rise and decline. 

• Songtsan Gampo Tombs(松赞干布墓):  the tomb is 13 meters in height and 100 meters in length. It is the main grave of the whole tombs with the gate facing the southwest, demonstrating his piety to Sakyamuni.

• Jieluola Snow Mountain(结罗拉雪山): it is 5000 meters above sea level and its majestic beauty attracts so many brave travelers. Tourists can also appreciate Jiacha unique fragrant Rhododendron nivale Hook. f.(雪层杜鹃) and Herba androsacis(点地梅).

• Tangboqie Temple(唐波且寺): built in 1017, it covers an area of 8556 square meters. 

• Jianye Temple( 建叶寺): There are many cultural relics in this temple. Tourists can have a religious tour in this temple.