Qusum County Attractions

Lhoka Qusum County, as a wonderful and brilliant place, is famous for its original Tibetan temple and religious customs. There are lots of attractive sights for tourists to have a pleasant trip.

• Lajiali Palace(拉加里王宫): is located in the South of Qusum County. Lajiali Palace was founded in thirteenth Century and was a symbol of the Ancient Tibetan Royal crown. 

• Yuru Temple(玉如寺): tourists can appreciate the beautiful scenery and original religious custom in this temple. There has spring water behind this temple. According to legend, bathing with this water can refresh the mind and eliminate fatigue.

 • Langzhen Temple(朗真寺): covers an area of 1500 square meters, it built in fourteenth Century. This temple collected numerous cultural relics. 

• Qusum Cypress(曲松古柏): there are ten Cypress trees which has at least 1000 years history.

• Qusum Ancient Tomb(曲松古墓): it is two kilometers away from north of Qusum County. According to textual research, its size and structure are similar to Tomb of Early Tibetan Qiongjie King

• Sewu Hot Spring(色吾温泉): it contains a variety of minerals which are beneficial to the human body.