Samzhubze District Transportation

It's just a really short distance from Shigatse City to Samzhubze District. Here we recommend several ways for visitors to Samzhubze District.

  1. You can ride a bicycle to Samzhubze District from Shigatse City for only three minutes, 596 meters. 
  2. You can also walk there from Shigatse City for about ten minutes, 500 meters.
  3. If you are at Shigatse Airport, you'd better ask a taxi for help, which will cost you over one hour.
  4. If you are at Shigatse Bus Station, you can ride to Samzhubze District for 20 minutes, 2 kilometers, or you can walk there for over 30 minutes.
  5. If you are at Shigatse Railway Station, you can call a taxi for CNY 21, you can take No. 1 Road bus or No. 4 Road bus to Samzhubze District.