Samzhubze District Festivals and Activities

The people living in Samzhubze District(桑珠孜区) will be in the four important festival one year: the New Year's day, the Spring Festival of the lunar calendar, the Tibetan year of Tibetan and the Tibetan year of Tsang(后藏). The farmers living in the valley of Nianchu(年楚河谷) , are unable to observe a festival because of the time during the Tibetan New Year is just for their spring sowing, so they advance one month to celebrate their New Year, commonly known as the Tibetan New Year of  Tsang farmers, which is also known as the most lively and grandest.

People in Samzhubze District not only observe the Tibetan New Year on  December 1, but also celebrate the pleasant Tibetan New Year on January 1 of Tibetan Calendar.

The Spring Festival begins on December 29. According to the customs, people are supposed to held the activity named "Guqia "(古恰), meaning to clean the house inside and outside the courtyard thoroughly. People will  put new Tibetan carpet in the room, put New-Year-pictures on the door, and most importantly, clean out and decorate the kitchen which the Water God and the Kitchen God lives. The various appliances in the room are clean and neatly laid out. The eight auspicious logos painted on the wall with flour, represent longevity and harvest and show the  auspicious and prosperous festive atmosphere.

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