Samzhubze District Accommodation

 There are some excellent accommodation in Samzhubze District to provide visitors a comfortable place to have dinner or rest. Here, we list some of the star-hotels and hostels to you.

  1. Shigatse Shandong Edifice(日喀则山东大厦): Located in No. 102 Shandong Road(山东路), Samzhubze District.
  2. Shigatse Mulun Lazong International Hotel(日喀则穆伦拉宗国际大酒店): Located in the intersection of Jilin Road(吉林路) and Longjiang Road(龙江路) of Samzhubze District.
  3. Shigatse Aijia Theme Hotel(日喀则爱佳主题酒店): Located in No. 15 Shanghai Middle Road(上海中路) in Samzhubze District.
  4. Rujia Budget Hotel(如家快捷酒店): Located near the Tashilhunpo Monastery(扎什伦布寺) on Jilin Road(吉林路), Samzhubze District.
  5. Shigatse Marriott Hotel(日喀则万豪酒店): Located in Heilongjiang South Road(黑龙江南路), Samzhubze District.
  6. Shigatse Hexi Youth Hostel(日喀则荷西青年旅店): Located in Shenhu Garden(神湖花园), Qingdao Road(青岛路), Samzhubze District.
  7. Shigatse Xixiangge Business Hotel(日喀则锡祥阁商务宾馆): Located diagonally across No. 120 Keji Road(科技路), Samzhubze District.