Zayu County Photos

Zayü County is well-known for its fascinating landscapes, and splendid Tibetan culture. The magnificent palace and temples are the outstanding highlights. The miraculous Dengren Folk Culture Village(僜人民俗文化村), Cibagou Nature Reserve(慈巴沟国家级自然保护区), Azha Glaciers(阿扎冰川), Meili Snow Mountain, Ridong Forest Sea of Zhuwagen Town(竹瓦根镇日东林海), Rome Peach Blossom Village of Guyu Township(古玉乡罗马桃花村), was Hot Springs(察隅温泉), Ancient Tea Horse Road, Qingshui River(察隅清水河), etc. They are the must site for most tourists. Want to know Zayü County more, check the following pictures.

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