Zayu County Attractions

Zayu County is located in the big Shangri-La ecological, which is rich in natural and human landscapes with abundant tourism resources, mainly includeing: Dengren Folk Culture Village(僜人民俗文化村), Cibagou Nature Reserve(慈巴沟国家级自然保护区), Azha Glaciers(阿扎冰川), Meili Snow Mountain, Ridong Forest Sea of Zhuwagen Town(竹瓦根镇日东林海), Rome Peach Blossom Village of Guyu Township(古玉乡罗马桃花村), was Hot Springs(察隅温泉), Ancient Tea Horse Road, Qingshui River(察隅清水河), etc.

Cawarong Town (察瓦龙乡Tsawarong), in Zayü County, Nyingchi, the most  southeastern of Tibet, can only be accessed several months in a year by modern vehicles via a perilous dirt road winding through the spectacular Nujiang Gorge from Bingzhongluo in Yunnan. The region offers great trekking possibilities to discover sacred Tibetan mountains, beautiful Tibetan villages and its unique culture and religion.

Zayü Cibagou Nature Reserve(Chinese name: 察隅慈巴沟自然保护区) is located at the southeast corner of the Tibetan Plateau, at the juncture of two parts of the Himalaya Mountain Range. Zayü Nature Reserve consists of the Ciba Gully Nature Reserve, Shuzhub Village Nature Reserve and Lhamo Lungba Nature Reserve. The nature reserve is set up in 1985 and then in 2002 it was updated as the nation nature reserve.

Qunan River(曲南河): the river is originated from the main peak of Kawagarbo. And it is a tributary of the Nujiang River.

Luweisela(卢为色拉): is one of  the amazing and wonderful site of Kawagarbo in the south. If you are fond of natural scenery, there will be a good place to have a brilliant sight of Zayü County.

Dengren Folk Culture Village(僜人民俗文化村)is located in Shaqiong Village(沙穷村), Zayü County(察隅镇), Zayü County(察隅县) where the folk customs of the people are completely displayed. In the cultural village,visitors can not only understand historical Dengren evolution comprehensively, experience unique Dengren cultural customs, and appreciate the unique charm of Dengren dance, but also enjoy Dengren traditional hand-pilaf.

Meili Snow Mountain(梅里雪山): The famous Meili Snow Mountain is located in Zayü County, which attracts thousands of visitors every year with its beautiful and stunning scenery.

Ancient Tea-horse Road: Historic ancient tea horse road travels along County with the hoof prints of the horses and the hollow sound of the horse hooves sound haunting on the ancient road.

Azha Glacier(阿扎冰川)is located in the small town of Zayü County, which is an oceanic glacier.