Fenghuo Mountain Pass in Zhidoi County, Yushu

Fenghuo Mountain Pass (风火山/隆青吉布山 in Chinese) is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.961m (16,276ft) above the sea level, located in the Tanggula Mountains, a mountain range in the central part of the Tibetan Plateau in the People’s Republic of China. 

The pass is traversed by the Qinghai-Tibet Highway (China National Highway 109) an asphalted road connecting Beijing with Lhasa that does not drop below 5000m for about 80km to the next pass.
The weather on this zone is harsh and highly unpredictable and it does not take much time for the bright sun shine to change over to moderate to heavy snow fall. On the summit of the pass there are great views over the never-ending plains and usually the climate is extreme, with a killer side wind.