Chamdo Museum in Tibet

Chamdo Museum, named also Qamdo Museum or Changdu Museum (昌都市博物馆)  is located in the east of Qiangbain Temple in Karub District of Cahmdo City, Tibet. It was established in 2014 and officially completed in 2015.

Qamdo Museum is located in the east of Qiangbahin Temple. It was established in September 2014 with a total investment of nearly 100 million yuan (including 32 million yuan invested by the state and 60 million yuan raised by the municipal finance). It was officially completed in July 2015.

Qamdo city museum as the first collection of cultural relics collection, protection, research, education, utilization, display in a comprehensive museum, national tradition, local characteristics and the spirit of the age, primary and secondary orderly, strewn at random have send, majestic, imposing manner is the kangba civilization, Tibetan geography, the spirit of the Chinese revolution and natural logo, it marks the prosperous wenbo career into the new development mileage.

The total construction area of the museum is more than 2000 square meters (divided into two pavilions, the south building and the north building), with a total area of 8235 square meters. The museum collects more than 10,000 pieces (sets) of all kinds of cultural relics in the museum. It is the largest prefecture-level museum built in seven cities (cities) in Tibet.