Longbaotan Black-necked Cranes Nature Reserve in Yushu

Longbaotan Black-necked Cranes Nature Reserve in Yushu榆树市隆宝滩黑颈鹤自然保护区
Longbao Beach has high mountains on both sides, extending in parallel, with a valley of 10 kilometers in length and 3 kilometers in width.
Above 4,000 meters above sea level, the weather is cold here. Even in the light rain in May and June, it often catches snow. Sometimes the weather is clear, but it suddenly rains hail and snow, making people feel difficult to adapt. But this unique geographical and climatic environment gave birth to many rare birds and animals and some precious herbs on the Tibetan Plateau. It is not only the hometown of black-necked cranes, but it also lives in spotted geese, brown-headed gulls, geese, chervil, and kinsha. Ducks, snow chickens and more than 10 kinds of birds.
Address: Longbaotan Nature Reserve, Jielong Township, Gyegu Town, Yushu Prefecture
Arrival method: Only chartered, about 500 RMB from Gyegu Town