Sangzhusi Monastery in Garze County, Garze

Sangzhusi Monastery (甘孜县扎科乡桑珠寺) is located in Zhake Town of Garze County, Garze of Sichuan. Sangzhu Temple is said to be the last of the 13 Yellow temples in Hall area.  Sangzhu Temple is located in the northwest of Ganzi County, Zaco Township, 80 kilometers away from the county seat, is located on the north bank of the upper reaches of the Yalong River, connected by road.

Sangzhu Temple “is the meaning of” successfully completed temple “. It was built in 1662 by Hall Quang and belongs to the Gru sect. The treasure of the temple is the two dragons and four lions tent. The tent is made of ancient earth cloth and cut and stitching of white, red, green, yellow, blue and other colors. On the front and back of the tent, there is a red front head figure, the two corners of the head are embroidered with flame treasure pattern; the two sides of the head are embroidered with a white lion and a green lion, the dragon lion in the cloud, along the edge of the Great Wall; the four corners of the tent are embroidered with eight Chinese “shou” word, embroidered on the door. This is called “two dragons and four lion tent”.