Degongbo Monastery in Garze County, Garze

Degongbo Monastery(德贡波寺) or Hanren Monastery(甘孜县甘孜镇汉人寺) is located Garze Town of Garze County, Garze, Sichuan Province.
Degongbo, also named as Hanren Monastery, first built in 1274 AD, has a history of more than 700 years, is the earliest ancient building in Garze County. Degongbo Wave is located in Kangbazhehuo area, and now belongs to Deba Village, Ganzi Town. In ancient times, this area was called Zalbutang, which was the main traffic road leading to the mainland and all parts of Tibet, and was also the place for successive soldiers.

Hanren Monastery It is the oldest temple reflecting the unity of the Han and Tibetan nationalities. It has a history of more than 700 years and is the oldest building in Ganzi County. The ingenious structure of the main hall, integrating the Chinese and Tibetan architectural styles, is the ingenuity of the Chinese and Tibetan ethnic craftsmen, and is a symbol of national unity.