Western Restaurants Near Barkhor Street in Lhasa

When foreigners are travelling to Lhasa, they probably need something reassuringly familiar, food in particular. So here are some western restaurants near Barkhor street in Lhasa.

1. Snowland Restaurant belonging to Snowland Hotel on Mentsikhang Road offers all kinds of food at moderate price, including western food, Tibetan food and Nepalese food. Its Nepalese food and pizza are very tasty. Chicken tikka masala, a kind of Indian food there is also delicious and popular.
2. Tashi I next to Penthoc Guesthouse is still a favourite choice of many travelers though the competition is increasing day by day because of its friendly service and cheap price. It always offers a renewal of the menu, on which everything is decent. The bobis which is made up of flavored cream cheese and fried vegetables or meat is highly recommended. Besides, the staff there speak English very well and English menu is offered.
3. Tashi II in the Kirey Hotel is famous for its clean and quiet environment. It offers Tibetan food including Tibetan momos, tsampa, thukpa and fried yak meat as well as spaghetti, mashed potatoes and fries. Actually its menu is the same as that of the Tashi I.
4. Nam-tso Restaurant offers plentiful dishes including vegetarian lasagna, burritos and yak burgers at prices a little higher than those at Tashi I and II. A classic Lhasa meal called the chicken sizzler is recommended. It is very comfortable to sit outdoors to have your meals in the sunny sky. Menu is in English.
Dunya Restaurant is a foreign-run restaurant with classy decor, excellent and wide-ranging  dishes and interesting specials, so the price is more expensive than others. But this foreign-run eatery is popular with travellers who need something reassuringly familiar. From the oregano-flavored pizza crust to the Italian imported pasta, try the homemade sandwiches and soups and the good salad in lunch. Menu is also in English.
5. Except the above restaurants, some hotels in Lhasa also offer western food, such as Hard Yak Cafe of Lhasa Hotel. It is the main restaurant among the three restaurants of Lhasa Hotel and provides western food in good ambience. If you are just an eater not stay in the Lhasa Hotel, you will have to pay the fare. In Hard Yak Cafe, hamburgers, fired tomatoes, local vegetables, Yak fillet, pizza, yak steak and so on are for your option.