Lhasa Attractions

Attractions in Lhasa is second to none in China. Lhasa is vertiginous not only for its altitude, but also for its strong exotic charm. Anyone who likes to travel is attracted by its mysterious charm, and Lhasa also absorbs the cultural customs of all parts of the world. Therefore, there are many natural and cultural landscapes in Lhasa. 

Top Attractions

Lhasa is well-known for its fascinating landscapes, mysterious thousand-year-old history, splendid Tibetan culture. The magnificent palaces and temples are the outstanding highlights, they reveal the brilliant attainments in architecture and Buddhism culture. Besides, the sacred Namtso Lake is a must-see attraction for most tourists. For more information, click on the attractions below.

Monasteries and Temples in Lhasa

Temples are the main manifestation of Tibetan Buddhist culture, there are many monasteries in Lhasa, here below are part of them. 

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Mountains and Rivers in Lhasa

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Lakes in Lhasa

More Lakes in Lhasa

Historical and Cultural Sites in Lhasa

Hot Springs in Lhasa

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