Nyingchi Travel Weather and Climate in December

Nyingchi Travel Weather and Climate in December

Average Minimum Temperature (℃): -4.6
Average Maximum Temperature (℃): 9.6
Average Precipitation/Rainfall (mm): 0.99

Nyingchi in winter is generally less rainy with lower temperature. The day is warm, while the night temperature is very low. The high altitude and sunny dry weather make it feel warmer than the temperature suggests. Actually, one can only feel extremely cold in the morning and evening during this time. December is also completely devoid of rain, and across the entire region, the colder weather turns the possibility of rain into snow.

What to Wear for a December Nyingchi Travel

The colder weather of the plateau means that you will need to have good warm layers to stay warm in the cold, and long underwear can be a major advantage to keep out the intense chill of the Tibetan winter. Warm hats and gloves are necessary, and your socks need to be thick and woolen, to keep out the cold. You need to make sure that you have good UV filtering sunglasses, a protective hat, and sun block for all exposed skin. The biting cold winds of the plateau can also damage your face and lips, so lip balm and moisturizers are required to prevent chaffing.

Things to see and do at Nyingchi in December

Although the most beautiful season of Nyingchi region is still spring and autumn, winter is really the off-season, when fewer people pay a visit to this “Swimland of Tibet”. If lucky, you will also see the spectacular snow view of the Namcha Barwa Mountain.

Useful Travel Tips for your Nyingchi Travel in December

December has a very distinct advantage for travelers to Tibet that makes it an ideal place to visit. Aside from the fact that there are fewer tourists making the trip to Tibet, one can also enjoy lower prices of travel cost, as hotels and guesthouses offer staggering discounts for travelers in the winter low season. Train and flight tickets can also be cheaper in the winter months.

Nyingchi Weather and Climate by Month

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