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Travel to Tibet and find the Best Tibet Travel Agency in Tibet. Tibet tour operators List includes all of Tibet travel companies with contacts, travel consultants, names, phone numbers,address, emails, websites,tour service and reviews. How to find and Choose The Best Tibet Tour Operators for your Tibet trip.Check the practical tips on how to identify a truly reliable Tibet tour company among many travel agencies.

Since the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region more than 50 years ago, in accordance with the active arrangements of the Party committee and the government of the Tibet Autonomous Region, more than 300 international and domestic travel agencies have been set up in Tibet, among them, more than 50 travel agencies that can receive foreign tourists. 3-4 travel agencies can receive Indian, Bhutanese and Nepalese pilgrims, and 7 can receive Taiwan compatriots. These travel agencies have received more than 100,000 foreign tourists every year, making great contributions to the tourism industry in Tibet. And among all Tibet Tour Operators and Webs, Tibet Vista(https://www.tibettravel.org/) and Explore Tibet(https://www.exploretibet.com/) are representative. 

Agencies and Webs Name Travel Websites Emails and Numbers Company Address
Tibet Vista https://www.tibetvista.com/ inquiry@tibettravel.org/+86-0891-6817008(Lhasa Office)/+86-28-85552138(Chengdu Office)/+977-1-4243799(Kathmandu Office) Room 8102 (first floor) of Lhasa Gang Gyan hotel, Beijing East Road, Chengguan district, Lhasa.
Explore Tibet https://www.exploretibet.com/ sales@exploretibet.com/+86-13398000993(Lhasa) 4-5 House Namsel NO.3, Doudi Road, Lhasa, Tibet.
Tibet China Youth Travel Service https://www.qnly.com/ 139 8999 9192/139 8999 9267/0891-6364655 No.6, Tianhai Road, Lhasa拉萨市天海路6号
Lhasa Travel Company http://xzly0891.net/ 0891-6359276/13308994816 No.27, Linju Road, Lhasa拉萨市林聚路27号
Tibet Tourism Corporation / 0891-6836626/18215506751 No.75, Beijing Middle Road, Lhasa拉萨市北京中路75号
Tibet Holy Land International Travel Service / 13889014956 No.16, Linkuo Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨市城关区林廓路16号
Tibet International Worker’s Travel Service / 13908914363 No.215, Beijing West Road, Lhasa拉萨市北京西路215号
Tibet Horse & Tea Ancient Road Int’l Travel Service / 13989996101/15889086601 No.41-3, Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨市城关区北京中路41-3号
Tibet Comfor Travel Service Co.Ltd http://www.xzcctly.com/ 18908900659/18908900259 No.75, Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨市城关区北京中路75号
Tibet Wanyou Yake International Travel Service   13648906099 No.40, Beijing Middle Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa拉萨市城关区北京中路40号

Tibet Vista

As the pioneer of inbound tourism to Tibet since 1984, Tibet Vista is a Lhasa-based tour operator specializing in small group and private package Tours, train Tours to Tibet and Tibet travel permit applications. In 2005, Tibet Vista officially launched online Tibet tourism business. It provides free travel consulting services to 6,000 tourists from around the world every year, and helps individuals from mainland China and overseas travel to Tibet via the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and domestic flights.

Explore Tibet

Explore Tibet is a Tibet travel agency registered in Lhasa of Tibet. Explore Tibet is one of the top local Tibetan travel agencies with Tibet tours developed by local Tibetan tour guides. They utilize their intimate knowledge of Tibetan culture, history and environment, specialize in tailor-made bespoke tours across the entire Tibetan plateau, and help travellers experience Tibet. All of their Tibetan guides speak English, Chinese and Tibetan, have years of experience as guides and high-altitude trekking, and are proficient in Tibetan Buddhism and history. These guides come from all parts of Tibet, and are very familiar with Tibet, its stories and people.

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