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What come to your mind when you think of Tibet? Tibetan Buddhism, the Potala Palace or local customs? Tibet Autonomous Region has jurisdiction over 6 prefecture-level cities and 1 prefecture, namely,  LhasaShigatseQamdoShannanNyingchiNagqu and Ngari. And Every city and prefecture has its highlights. Best of Tibet Travel will introduce the top attractions in Tibet, the most popular festivals, best-selling Tibet tours and so on. 

Top Attractions in Tibet

Attractions in Tibet are unique in China. Tibet is well-known for its beautiful plateau scenery, Tibetan folk and Buddhist culture. The magnificent palaces and monasteries are the outstanding highlights, they reveal the brilliant attainments in architecture and Buddhism culture. Besides, the sacred mountians and holy lakes are also the must-see attractions for most tourists. For more information, click on the attractions below.

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Most Popular Festivals in Tibet

Various Tibetan festivals are celebrated in different ways in Tibet. It is suggested to visit Tibet during the festivals and enjoy the lively scenes with the local Tibetan people if time is sufficient. Except for popular Shoton Festival and Tibetan New Year Festival, other festivals like Butter Lamp Festvial, Saga Dawa Festival and Horse Racing Festival are fun and attractive as well.

Main Festivals in Tibet

Tibet Festival Tours

Best-selling Tibet Tours

Plan your Tibet Tours with our Mysterious Tibet. Visit the iconic landmarks of 1300-year-old Potala Palace in Lhasa; do a trekking around Mount Kailash; go to Everest Base Camp to visit the magnificent view of Mount Everest; meet the beauty of the “Heavenly Lake” in Tibetan- Namtso Lake. What more, you can also go over the Tibet-Nepal border to Kathmandu through Gyirong Port. We have designed the best-selling Tibet tour packages below. For the first travelers, we have selected the best Tibet tours with classic sights, personal touches and experiences. We can also arrange a customized and flexible travel deal for an adventure in the mysterious Tibet that you have always dreamed of!

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