Tsurphu River in Tibet

Tsurphu River or Chubu River in Tibet楚布河 is located in Gurongxiang Town of Doilungdêqên District, Lhasa, Tibet. Chubugou Valley (楚布沟) and Tsurphu Monastery or Chubu Monastery (楚布寺) are the most attractive place along Tsurphu River in Tibet.

About 70 kilometers southwest of the Potala Palace, Lhasa Dui Long Deqing District Gurong Township, a tributary of the Lhasa River one Chubu River in the valley, this is the Lhasa small Jiangnan said the Chubu ditch. Thanks to the water vapor of the Chubu River, the air in the ditch is very humid and the vegetation is dense.

Walking into the Chubu ditch, Chinese roses extend into the sea, the highland barley fields and golden rape flowers in Barge village and Nanba village appear, and the deep meadow flowers make people relaxed and happy. The Chubu ditch gets its name because there is a Chubu temple at the end of this ditch.