Experiencing unique food culture in Tibet

The news was updated on June 12, 2019.

To many people, Tibetan cuisine is mainly made of beef and lamb, and traditional Tibetan foods have these three classics: butter tea, dried beef jerky, and tsampa. But in fact, Tibetan food has a lot more to offer. And Tibetan cuisine could bring you all-new taste sensations.

On June 3, the “Feast of China: A Journey of Taste” event was held in Lhasa, capital city of southwest China’s Tibet.

“The chefs explored many ways to cook to enable more people to taste Tibetan foods using different cooking techniques,” said a person in charge from the Tibet Cuisine Association . In addition to essential local favorites such as Tibetan noodles and sweet tea, there’re also special ingredients including Gampa lamb, Emagang potatoes, and Nyingchi Tibetan pork, etc., which received new interpretations in the chefs’ hands.

“We have to explore and pass on traditional Tibetan cuisine culture, use more diverse cooking techniques on local ingredients, make people understand Tibetan food, and bring Tibetan food to the world.”