Indian Dishes in Lhasa

For Indian tourists, they might be wondering weather Indian dishes are available in Lhasa for the food in Tibet is dominated by Tibetan food and Chinese dishes. Of course, Indian food is available in Lhasa as well as western dishes. But there is really few restaurant specializing in Tibetan food.
1. Mandala Restaurant, located on Barkhor street offers a wide range of dishes from Indian curries to pizza, plus a few special-occasion Tibetan dishes and decent breakfasts. But the Indian  dishes can be a bit bland so ask for the ‘real’ spices if that’s how you like it. In summer grab a seat on the rooftop for awesome views of the Jokhang. Menu in English.
2. Snowland Restaurant, a mid-range restaurant located on Zangyiyuan Road, near the famed Barkhor Square and Jokhang Temple, features a mix of Western, Nepali, Indian and Tibetan food. Good service, good food, very popular. This ground-floor restaurant usually opens from 7:30am to 10:30pm and offers English menu for tourists’ convenience.

Besides, some hotels in Lhasa also offer Indian food, such as Lhasa Hotel with a range of restaurant providing Sichuan, Western, Indian and Tibetan food.