Ciren QieA Snow Mountain Museum in Lhasa

Ciren QieA Snow Mountain Museum in Lhasa (拉萨次仁切阿雪山博物馆) is located at Duodi Yicun Village(夺底一村), Duodi North Road(夺底北路), Chengguan District, Lhasa of Tibet.

Located in the northern suburb of Lhasa,Ciren QieA Snow Mountain Museum is the first private mountain museum in China. The museum is divided into natural museum, humanities, humanistic spirit and mountaineering hall. The Nature Museum displays a large number of ink paintings on the subject of snow mountains, and specimens growing on the plateau; the Humanities Pavilion displays the folk customs of the people around the Himalayas; many Buddha statues and Thangka, for the love and belief of the Tibetan people in the mountains, among which the “China ladder” standing on the mountain of 8700 is the treasure of the museum. Here, you may often encounter Tibetan mountaineers who have climbed more than 8,000 meters. They can communicate with them and take photos.