Ngari Museum in Tibet

Ngari Museum (阿里博物馆) is located in Shiquanhe Town(狮泉河镇) of Gar County, Nagri Prefecture, Tibet

There are seven theme exhibition halls in Ngari Museum , the first floor is the Department of Ali Natural Geography, the Hall of Ali Ancient Civilization and the Hall of Ali Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection, and on the second floor, there are two Ancient Hall and the Hall of Ali Outstanding Historical figures. In addition, there will also be a movie hall to fully display the history and culture, natural geography and cultural customs of the Ali region, which will be built into a landmark public cultural service space of the Ali region.

Ngari, known as the “Ridge of the Roof of the World”. Tibet Ngari Museum Located in Shiquanhe Town, Ali Region, Xizang Province, it is the first large-scale comprehensive museum in Ngari region. Kuanchuang International creates Tibet Ngari Museum seven exhibition halls of a total area of about 1610 square meters, comprehensively displaying the history, culture, nature, geography, customs and humanity of Ngari area, showing the magnificent Ngari between heaven and earth, and telling the ancient and modern Ali in the Hongyuan historical River.