Biru County Attractions

Biru County, as a wonderful and brilliant place, there are lots of attractive sights for tourists to have a pleasant trip.

• The Skeleton Wall(骷髅墙): it is located in the Damu Monastery(达木寺). Instead of using prayer stones, this wall is made of thousands actual human skulls. These skulls are from sky burials carried out within the nearby courtyard.

• Damu Monastery(达木寺): it is on the south of G317 Highway, between Sok and Nagqu. It has Tibetan’s strangest and least-visited sights--The Skeleton Wall.

• Sapu Mountain(萨普神山): it has the most unique beautiful glacier and peaks shape. Visitors can enjoy taking photos here.

• Chaqu Hot Spring(茶曲温泉): this hot spring contains some radioactive elements and minerals. It can help tourists promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and eliminate fatigue.

• Hipparion Ruins(三趾马遗址): tourists can enjoy Hipparion fossil here.  

• Gongsa Monastery(贡萨寺): 4,300 m above sea level, it was built in the twelfth century.