Bome County Festivals and Activities

Except for Tibetan traditional festival, such as Tibetan New Year Festival, Tibetan Bathing Festival, Tibetan Shoton Festival, Tibetan Horse Racing Festival and Buddha Exhibition Festival, there are two special festivals in Nyingchi Bome County Prefecture.

Peach Blossom Festival(桃花节)

When spring approaches, most parts of Tibet are still covered with snow, Nyingchi has already been immerged in a sea of peach flowers. In order to celebrate this grandeur of nature and advocate Tibetan culture, Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival has been hold by local Tibetans and enthusiastic tourists since 2002. During this grand festival, you can not only enjoy the rosy peach blossoms and exotic pastoral scenery but also explore Tibetan villages, watch horsemanship performance, try some local delicacies, etc.

Mijiadajia Festival(米加大加节)

Mijiadajia Festival is a ritual which honors the God of war. Every year in April 15th of Tibetan lunar calendar, people around the Bome County will hold a ceremony dedicated to the God of war. First of all, the God of war walks around the temple several times. Then the young men dressed in traditional Tibetan costume and ride horses to the ceremony place. Then people talk about history, have competitions and drink butter tea and barley wine together.

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