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Due to the vast territory and abundant resources, Bome County has many alpine plants and herbs such as Cordyceps(冬虫夏草), plantain seed(车前子), Fritillaria(贝母) and Saussurea involucrate(雪莲花). What's more, Bome County is the commodity grain base and the important producer of wild fungi, such as matsutake. Tourists can purchase some mushroom when they finish their trip in Bome County. And they also can buy some traditional Tibetan specialties.  

Highland barley wine(青稞酒): Made from the highland barley, the main food produced in Tibet, Highland barley wine (also called Chiang in Tibet) is the wine favorite to Tibetan people and is a necessary part at festivals, marriage feasts and on some other important occasions.

Buttered tea(酥油茶): It is the favorite drink of Tibetan people. It is made of boiled brick tea and ghee. Ghee, which looks like butter, is a kind of dairy product of fat abstracted from cow milk or sheep milk. Tibetan people like the ghee made of yak milk. When they make buttered tea, they mix boiled brick tea and ghee in a special can, add some salt, pour the mixed liquid into a pottery or metal teapot and finally heat up it (but not boil it). People usually heat up the buttered tea because cold buttered tea is not easy to be digested and does harm to one’s stomach.

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