Bome County Overview

Bome County, a county of Nyingchi in Southeast Tibet, lies in the neighboring area between Himalaya and Nyainqentanglha mountain range of east Tibet. Bome County is the commodity grain base and the important producer of wild fungi, such as matsutake. The oceanic glaciers here is well-developed such as Midui Glacier. 

 Basic Information of Bome County

● Chinese Name: 波密县

● Population: 31,000

● Area: 16578 square kilometers

● Zip code: 860300

● Dialing code: (+86) 0894

Climate in Bome County

Bome County has a moderate climate. Influenced by India Ocean monsoon, in Bome County, areas below the altitude of 2700 meters belong to subtropical climate zone; areas from 2700 to 4200 meters are subhumid climate and areas above 4200 meters are plateau cold wet zone. The annual average temperature is 8.5 ℃. The coldest month is January of o.2 ℃ and the warmest month is July of 16.5℃. The annual frost free period of Bome County is 176 days and average annual rainfall is 977 mm.


 Armour Mountain(盔甲山): Every April to May or September to October, the snow that covers the slate will thaw partly, resulting in the exposure of armour-shaped slate hence the name.

 Midui Glacier(米堆冰川): the most important oceanic glacier in Tibet; one of the top three oceanic glaciers in China; the lowest glacier in China.

 Peachblossom Valley(桃花沟): The  peachblossom dotted with Tibetan residences and towering snowy peak in a distance makes Bome County a dreamlike land. It stretches more than 30 kilometers, from an altitude of 2600 meters to 3300 meters. Tourists can appreciate flowers from March to April.

• Yigongcuo Lake( 易贡错湖 ): it's the highest unfrozen Lake in our country. There are a lot of meadow along the lake and the scenery is very beautiful. Tourists can ride a horse or take eco-friendly car across the meadow. The clear sky with fragrant grass here are good for camping and taking pictures.
Travel Tips:

1. Visitors can travel in Bome County all year around but rainy season and cold winter are not a good choice.

2. Due to the frequent collapse and mud-rock flow, please ask the traffic situation in advance. 

3. Bring multiple layers of long-sleeved, warm clothing with you so you will be prepared no matter the temperature. The temperature at night is much lower than it is during the day even during the summer, so also be prepared with cold weather gear like a hat, gloves, a scarf and a thick winter coat.

4. Sunglasses is absolutely necessary for all seasons to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation and glisten of the snow; suntan lotion, skin cream and lipstick are also essential in the dry air and scalding sunlight, so, dear sirs, don’t be careless just because you are males, for there are really some guys who left with burnt noses.

5. Avoid High Altitude Sickness: because of the high altitudes climatic conditions of Bome County, visitors should pay attention to the prevention and cure of the syndromes including headache, dizziness, flustered, shortness of breath, the plateau response, especially people who have chronic respiratory disease or cardiovascular disease. In addition, bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content, like chocolate for fluid loss and energy consumption usually accompany the acclimatization process. Above all, taking a good rest is the most important.

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