Damxung County Attractions

Damxung Tour is one of the attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists of stunning views in Tibet. It couldn't be better to tour Damxung when travelling in Tibet. Here are some famous attractions:

▪ Nyenchen Tanglha Mountain: the watershed of Yarlung Zangbu River and Nujing River which divides Tibetan area into three parts: North Tibet, South Tibet and Southeast Tibet.

▪ Namtso Lake: one of the three holy lakes in Tibet and the largest lake at the highest altitude in the world.

▪ Eight Pagodas of North Tibet: 40 kilometers from the downtown, the eight white pagodas are built to commemorate a hero who laid down one's life on the battlefield.

▪ Yangpachen: One of the most famous and the best hot springs places in Tibet, which is surrounded by big rocky mountains, and the view is fascinating with blue sky.