Lhari County Attractions

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Shangniwu Valley(上尼屋峡谷)The Shangniwu Valley with ancient Tibetan cultural relics and beautiful natural scenery attracts more and more people to visit, because there are many wonders in this seductive canyon.These wonders will surprise you and tempt those who have the guts to go deeper.

Maidika Wetland(麦地卡湿地): Located in the northern part of Lhari County in the Nagqu Prefecture of Tibet, it belongs to the wetland of the plateau lake swamp. with an area of 43,496 hectares and an average altitude of 4,900 meters. It is the migration corridor and breeding ground of a variety of rare birds, such as black-necked crane and red hemp duck.

Pengtso Lake(彭措湖):Located in the northwest of Lhari County, it is the outer lake which flows into the wheat field. The lake is surrounded by natural pastures and injected into the Lhasa river.

Sawang Waterfall(萨旺瀑布):Located in the land of Lhari County, there are two branches of Sawang Waterfall in the north and south. They fell from the top of the mountain to the river bank, with a thousand feet of water.

Qingga Mountain(青嘎神山):After the summer rain, there will always be a circle of seven colors. In the mountains, the peaks are competitive. Therefore, the people said, 'Qingga Mountain is the king of the throne, and the sun of it looks like the nobles.'

Azha Lake(阿扎湖):There are many lakes in Lhari County,  but the most famous one is Azha Lake. The lake is not only large, but also has hundreds of acres in the surrounding area. What's more, the lake is unpredictable. .When the rain and snow came, the clouds were overwhelming.