Qingga Mountain in Lhari County, Nagqu

Chinese Name: 青嘎神山
English Name: Qingga Mountain 
Location: Located in Lhari County, Nagqu
Admission Fee: Free
Opening Hours: All Day

About Qingga Mountain in Lhari County, Nagqu

Qingga Mountain is located in Lhari County, Nagqu. The mountaintops loom through the clouds. After the summer rain, there is always a rainbow of seven colors on the top of the mountain. There are lofty mountains and high ranges, picturesque mountains and clear beautiful water, and the verdant the ancient wood in Qingga Mountain. Walk in Qingga Mountain, visitors can see the green mountains and clear water, the elegant environment, the birds and the flowers, and hear the birds sing as well as the water murmuring. In the mountains, there is a grotto across the rock wall, which is said to be pierced with an arrow by the king Gelsall when he has a fight with the devil Luzan(鲁赞). At the foot of the mountain, there is the most famous holy lake named Azha Lake in Nagqu.

Attraction Transportation: 

The advanced traffic system provides visitors convenient ways to travel. Visitors can take bus or choose self-driving. On account of snow and occasional road accidents, highway closures and concomitant traffic delays are not uncommon.

Attraction Tips: 
• Traveling Hours: 2 hours
• Traveling Seasons: All seansons
• High Altitude Sickness Avoiding: Bring enough water or drinks, fruits and snacks with high caloric content
• Bring a good, broad spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF factor and a high SPF lip sunscreen to protect your lips too.
• Please don’t hang flags in republic place.
• Located in the border area, you must behave ourselves well.
• Ask for permission before taking photos for Tibetan people.
• Don’t touch Tibetan’s head and shoulder.
• Don’t watch celestial burial without permission.