Ngari Accommodation

With the development of tourism, the accommodation in Ngari improves a lot but overall accommodation condition in Ngari, Tibet, is not satisfactory except for Shiquanhe Town. There are basically no bathing facilities in the hotels in Ngari, most of them are guesthouses. Bathrooms are rarely available in these hostels. The better hotels can not be easily booked, so you’d better book it in advance. Here are some hotels for your reference.

The Best Comfortable 4-Star Hotels in Ngari

  • Gil Jialehui Hotel (噶尔嘉乐汇大酒店)
    Tel: (0897)2989999
    Add: No. 118, West of Disabled Persons' Federation, Gar County噶尔 残联西侧118号

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The Best Budget 3-Star Hotels in Ngari

  • Tibet Ngari Grand Hotel(西藏阿里大酒店)
    Tel: (0897)2666666
    Add: East Shiquanhe Road, Gar County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河东路)
  • Huahui Yintai Hotel(华辉银泰酒店)
    Tel: (0897)2666222
    Add: South Binhe Road, Shiquanhe Town, Gar County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河镇滨河南路)
  • Xiangxiong Xingkong Hotel (噶尔县象雄星空酒店)
    Tel: 0897-2666668
    Add: Inside the Changzheng Square, Gar County Government, Gar County 噶尔 噶尔县县政府长征广场内
  • Jinsha Holiday Hotel in Gar County (噶尔县金沙假日酒店)
    Tel: 0897-2808888 
    Add:  No. 10, Shikun Road, Gar County 噶尔 狮昆路10号
  • Jinlong Hotel in Gar County (噶尔县金龙酒店)
    Tel: (0897)2901999
    Add: 4th Floor, Baiyi Building, Shiquanhe Town of Gar County 噶尔 狮泉河镇中心百益4楼

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The Cheapest 2-Star Hotels, Homestays, Inns, Hostels and Guesthouses in Ngari

  • Ngari Burang Ecological Garden Grand Hotel(阿里普兰生态园大酒店)
    Tel: 13618974857
    Add: Peacock Riverside Park, Burang County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区普兰县孔雀河畔公园)
  • Ngari Yinhe Grand Hotel (阿里银河大酒店)
    Tel: (0897)2828888
    Add: No. 4, South Beijing Road, Shiquanhe Town, Burang County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区噶尔县狮泉河镇北京南路4号)
  • Ngari Gêrzê County Grand Hotel(阿里改则县大酒店)
    Tel: 18202871762
    Add: Xianqian Road, Gêrzê County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区改则县先遣路)
  • Ngari Burang County Yingbin Hotel(阿里普兰县迎宾馆)
    Tel: 18889071059
    Add: No. 1, Yingbin Road, Burang County, Ngari, Tibet(西藏自治区阿里地区普兰县迎宾路1号)
  • Dianxin Hotel in Zanda County (札达县电信宾馆)
    Tel: 18202871762
    Add: Tuanjie Road, Zhada County 札达 团结路,电信局旁
  • Himalayas Kailash Hotel (喜玛拉雅冈仁波齐酒店)
    Tel: 13298911123
    Add: Inside the Holy Mountain Scenic Area,  Burang County普兰 八嘎乡神山风景区内
  • Nanchong Hotel in Gê’gyai County (革吉县南充大酒店)
    Add: No. 2, Nabu Road, Gê'gyai County 革吉 那布路2号
  •  Wanhao Hotel in Gar County (噶尔县万豪酒店)
    Tel: 0897-2907777
    Add: No. 4 District, Shiquanhe Town of Gar County 噶尔 狮泉河镇文化路四区
  • Fuli Hotel in Gar County (噶尔县富丽酒店)
    Tel: 0897-2666888
    Add:No.28, Yingbin Avenue, Gar County 噶尔 迎宾大道28号
  • Hanjinbai Hotel in Gar County (噶尔县翰金柏雅酒店 )
    Tel: 0897-2903333
    Add: No.1, Yingbin Avenue, Gar County 噶尔 迎宾大道1号
  •  Chuanbei Hotel in Burang County (普兰县川北宾馆 )
    Add: Baga Town of Burang County 普兰 普兰县巴嘎乡
  • Shenshan Shengdi Youth Hostel (普兰县神山圣地青年旅舍 )
    Tel: 13638972997
    Add: Darchen, Baga Town of Burang County 普兰 巴嘎乡塔尔钦
  • Guge Hotel in Zanda County (札达县古格宾馆)
    Tel: 0897-2662000
    Add:  No. 30, Tuanjie Road, Zhada County 札达 团结路30号
  • Rutog Ying Hotel (日土县日土迎宾馆  )
    Add: West of Rutog County Government, Yingbin Road, Rutog 日土 迎宾路日土镇政府西行

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