Ngari Attractions

Attractions in Ngari make it a dream destination for both travelers and pilgrims, although the tourist infrastructure is relatively undeveloped. The Mount Kailash (冈仁波齐峰) and Lake Manasarovar (玛旁雍措湖) in Ngari area are regarded as the "sacred mountain" and "holy lake", which are the must-see attractions in Ngari. The ruins of Guge Kingdom (古格王国遗址) also presents you a mysterious Ngari.

Top Attractions in Ngari

Mount Kailash Kora or Tibet Kailash pilgrimage tour is the mostly chosen one among tourists traveling to Tibet. If you are a fan of trekking adventure, you can have a try. Lake Manasarovar and Pangong Tso Lake will give you a visual feast of the green lake scenery and magificent surrounding landscape, while the Site of Ancient Guge Kingdom provide you a window to the history of Ngari.

Famous Sites of Mount Kailash Kora

Along your way to Kailash Kora, you will pass by the following sites.

Monasteries and Temples in Ngari

Like other places in Tibet, Ngari also has many monastries, with Tholing Monastery as the most popular one.  It is the oldest monastery (or gompa) in the Ngari Prefecture of western Tibet. It is situated in Tholing (Zanda), Zanda County, near the Indian border of Ladakh. Up to now, the monastery is mostly in ruins. However, it still retains many images and scores of well-preserved murals which are made in the west Tibetan style.

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Mountains in Ngari

Needless to say, Mount Kailash is the most famous one among the mountains in Ngari. We have several routes for Kailash Pilgrimage Tours, and if you want to visit other mountains in Ngari, please contact us, our consultants will customize the route for you.

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Rivers in Ngari

Sênggê Zangbo (森格藏布), or Sênggê River is the name of the Indus River in Tibetan. It flows through Gê’gyai County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It is replenished by the spring water on the right bank, and gots its name for the lion-shaped mountain where the spring locates.

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Lakes in Ngari

Lake view will also impress you during your Tibet tour.  Lake Manasarovar and Pangong Tso Lake will give you a visual feast of the green lake scenery and magificent surrounding landscape

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Hot Springs in Ngari

Historical and Cultural Sites in Ngari

If you are interested in the history of Tibet, the following sites shoudn't be missed. Rock painting, cliff carving and grottoes will also guide you to know more about the culture of Ngari. 

Other Attractions