Ngari Travel Tips

This page offers some useful Ngari Travel Tips for you to get a better travel experience. These travel tips will also do when you plan Mount Kailash Kora and sightseeing visit to the beautiful Manasarovar Lake .

Useful Numbers

Here below are some useful numbers in Ngari for you in case of emergency while you are traveling (such as fire or traffic accidents), or have other complaints or questions.

Fire 119
Police 110
Ambulance 120 
Area code 0897
Weather Broadcast 121 
Consumer Complaint 12315
Tibetan Antelope Transport Company Ltd. 0897-2822226
Coqên County Hospital 0897-2612171
People's Hospital of Ngari 0892-2821452
Ngari Post Office Management 0897-2825705

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How to Get to Ngari

Transportation in Ngari is not as that convenient as Lhasa. Highway transport is the main transport in Ngari. Ngari borders Nepal and India in the west, which makes it very convenient for pilgrims from Nepal, India to traveling to Ngari. Outer transportation in Ngari mainly relies on highway transport. However, airlines are also available for some destinations such as ChengduXi’anUrumqiKashgar. You may also arrive in Lhasa first and then take a plane from Lhasa to Ngari Gunsa Airport. It is very easy to get to Ngari from Lhasa by plane since there are direct flights from Lhasa to Ngari. Taxi and private car rental are the most convenient ways to get around Ngari since there are not many city buses and suburban buses in Ngari.

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Best Time to Visit Ngari

Ngari is windy all year around. More than 149 days of a year have winds which reach at least level 8. It is the coldest area in Tibet with an annual average temperature of 0℃. There is a huge temperature gap between daytime and night. Ngari has less rainfall mostly of which happen during summer and early autumn.

Considering weather and road conditions, May, June, and the period from mid-Sepertember to early October are probably the best times to go to Ngari when the climate is mild and warm. From late October or early Novermber until early April next year, Drolma-la on the Mt Kaliash Kora is normally blocked with heavy snow. Some roads will be extremely muddy which is quite difficult for driving.

Packing Tips

It is not advisable to carry all your belongings to worship the Sacred Mountain and the Holy Lake. Pack as little as possible, otherwise you will be too exhausted to enjoy the scenery. Flashlights, matches, anti-cold electuaries, down coats and litter bags should be packed. If you want to liberate yourself from luggage, you can hire a porter who can be of great help. The porters usually assemble near hostels and rest houses.

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Other Tips

High Altitude Sickness Tips

The average elevation of Ngari Prefecture is about 4,500 meters, which may cause High Altitude Sickness to some travelers. But according to our years of experience, travelers can adapt the altitudes well if they make full preparation. Firstly, take a physical examination before traveling to Tibet and pack necessary medicines; secondly, spend some days in Lhasa for acclimatization, then travel to Ngari at a moderate pace; thirdly, keep yourself warm all the time and prevent from catching a cold; fourthly, keep a relaxing mind. Your tour operator will also prepare oxygen supply for emergency use.

Necessary Permits

Tibet Travel Permit is a must for Tibet tour, and you can’t board your flight or trains to Tibet without it. It is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau only and can be applied by travel agencies on behalf of you only. To get the permit, you need to book a Tibet tour with us, and send us your passport and Chinese visa about 20 days in advance, and then we will apply for the permit (all Tibet permits can only be applied by travel agency).


  • Please don't hang flags in republic place.
  • When entering monasteries, please don't show your arms and legs and wear hats and sunglasses.
  • Ask for permission before taking photos for Tibetan people.
  • Don't touch Tibetan's head and shoulder.
  • Don't watch celestial burial without permission.

Post Offices

  • China Post Office in Ngari 阿里地区邮政营业大厅
    Address: No.2, Shaanxi Road, Shiquanhe Town, Ngari 阿里地区狮泉河镇陕西路2号
    Tel: 0897-2241204
  • China Post Office (Zanda County Branch) 扎达县营业厅
    Address: No.20, Hebei Road, Zanda County 扎达县河北路20号
    Tel: 0897-2622100
  • China Post Office (Burang County Branch) 普兰县营业厅
    Address: No.16, Gongga Street, Burang County 普兰县贡嘎街16号
    Tel: 0897-2602600
  • China Post Office (Rutog County Branch)日土县营业厅
    Address: No.11, Hebei Street, Rutog County 日土县河北大街11号
    Tel: 0897-2642228


  • Construction Bank of China (Ngari Branch) 中国建设银行(阿里分行)
    Address: No.91, Yingbin Avenue, Shiquanhe Town 狮泉河镇迎宾大道91号
    Tel: (0897)2666418
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Burang County Sub-branch) 中国农业银行(普兰县支行)
    Address: No.23, Gongga Road, Burang County 贡嘎路23号
    Tel: (0897)2602162
  • Agricultural Bank of China (Rutog County Sub-branch)中国农业银行(日土县支行)
    Address: G219 Highway, Rutog County 日土县219国道
    Tel: (0897)2821340


  • People's Hospital of Ngari 西藏阿里地区人民医院
    Address: Ngari, Tibet 西藏自治区阿里
    Tel: 0892-2821452
  • People's Hospital of Coqên County 措勤县人民医院
    Address: Coqên County of Ngari, Tibet 西藏阿里地区措勤县
    Tel: 08069-2612061
  • People's Hospital of Gêrzê County 改则县人民医院
    Address: Gêrzê County of Ngari, Tibet 西藏阿里地区改则县
    Tel: 08069-2652294

Special Remarks for Visiting Ngari Tibet

  • Climate: July and August are rainy seasons in Ngari every year, with poor road conditions in the best scenery. If it rains, the only alternative is to wait and go back to your home and travel as less as possible. It is suggested to bring more plastic bags and cover the camera on rainy days to protect the equipment from rain and dust.
  • Altitude Sickness: 1) Ngari is a high altitude area, prone to high altitude reaction. Moderate consumption of buttered tea, dairy products and beef and mutton can enhance the adaptability to plateau climate. When you first enter the plateau, take more rest, drink more water, eat more fruits, don't run or do strenuous exercise, and keep warm. 2) Drug prevention of altitude sickness: It is suggested to prepare rhodiola sachalinensis before departure and during travel. Rhodiola sachalinensis capsule has certain anti-radiation and cardiovascular protective effects, so it is suitable for people who need to prevent altitude sickness. 3) Diet should be moderate, not overeating, so as not to increase the burden on intestines and stomach.
  • Insurance: Most tourists to Ngari are backpackers or travelers. It is recommended to purchase relevant insurance (such as outdoor sports insurance) before traveling. In addition, when buying tickets in scenic spots, remember to pay attention to whether the tickets include insurance. If the risk for sightseeing in scenic spots is relatively high, and additional purchase of the insurance is recommended.
  • Communication: The communication signal is not very good in some areas of Ngari, and there will be no signal at all in some areas. However, the communication signal is basically available within Ngari scenic spots.

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