Riwoqe County Attractions

Attractions of Riwoqe County

Riwoche Monastery: The main temple is three-storied and has been undergoing restoration since 1985 after its destruction by Chinese communists. It is very imposing, supported by huge tree trunks and painted in black red and white vertical stripes, which is distinctive of the Taklung lineage. The monastery contained a notable 14th-century cloth painting entitled Jnanatapa which was unearthed in recent years. The central figure depicts the Onpo Lama Rinpoche and the spiritual lineage of Riwoche monastery.
The surrounding community of practitioners includes both members of the Kagyu and Nyingma schools, some of whom are married.

Yiri Hot Spring(伊日温泉): located at Riwoqê County, surrounded by the hills, is a famous hot spring which can cure diseases.

Jiumichan Monastery(旧密禅寺): within Riwoqê County, 105 KM away from the county seat, is a national key scenic spot.

Naitang Monastery(乃堂寺): located at Riwoqê County, with Dingxia Mountain(丁夏山)on the back, Naishui River(乃水河) in the front, and Duoji Cliff(多吉岩) on the north. Buddhists thought it as the holy land of Ruchi 16 Arhats(如持十六罗汉), called it as Naitang Monastery(乃堂寺).