Shequ River in Qamdo

Shequ River, also known as JiaoWuqi River, Ziqu(舍曲/类乌齐河/紫曲 in Chinese), one of the tributaries of Lancang River, located in Qamdo region of northeast Tibet. It originates from the southern foot of Tenasserim Mountain, named Gequ(格曲), from the east corner of Baqing County flow to class LeiWuqi County(类乌齐县). After the confluence of Gequ and Ziqu, it continues to flow southeast through Jitang in the southwest of Qamdo County and Chaya County, and joins Lancang River at Kagon.

Shequ River has a total length of 319 kilometers and a drainage area of 6,954 square kilometers. Xuequ(学曲), Requ(热曲), Geyou(格由) and Chouqu(抽曲) are its main tributaries. The annual average discharge of the Shequ River is 53.3 cubic meters per second, the natural drop is 1805 meters, and the theoretical water energy reserves are 428,600 kilowatts.
Translated by Mao Min (毛敏)