Sangri County Photos

Sangri County is well-known for its fascinating landscapes, and splendid Tibetan culture. The magnificent palace and temples are the outstanding highlights. The miraculous Dansati Monastery(丹萨梯寺), Qulong Monastery(曲龙寺), Zengqi Monastery(增期寺), Qiagaqude Monastery(恰嘎曲德寺), Luding Pozhang(鲁定颇章), Luding Linka(鲁定林卡), Dagu Canyon Scenic Spot(达古峡谷景区),  Woka Scenic Area(沃卡景区), Sijinlacuo Lake(思金拉错湖), Sangri Wapiti Natural Reserve(桑日马鹿自然保护区), Gongdelin Grassland(贡德林草原), etc. They are the must site for most tourists. Want to know Sangri County more, check the following pictures.

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