Sangri County Attractions

Cultural relics of Sangri County

▪ Dansati Monastery(丹萨梯寺)is located in the south of the Sangri County(桑日县),Pamuzhu Ferry(帕木竹渡口)of Yarlung Zangbo River. It was built in 1158 AD by the Kagyu monks covering an area of more than 300,000 square meters.

▪ Qulong Monastery(曲龙寺)is located in the south of the village government of Woka Township(沃卡乡), Sangri County(桑日县), Lhoka District, Tibet autonomous region. It stands on the hill, with its back on the majestic Wode Gongjie Snow Mountain(德贡杰雪山), facing the vast Woka Grassland(沃卡草原).

▪ Zengqi Monastery(增期寺)is located in Zengqi Township(增期乡), Sangri County(桑日县), which has obvious characteristics of early monastery.

▪ Qiagaqude Monastery(恰嘎曲德寺)which is located in the west of the village government of Sangri County(桑日县)was built in the late 16th century with a total area of 2,000 square meters.

▪ Luding Pozhang(鲁定颇章)is located 1.5 kilometers east of Sangri County(桑日县), which is the post station that Dalai lama stayed in during the pilgrimage to Jiacha Holy Lake(加查神湖).

▪ Luding Linka(鲁定林卡)is located about 1.5 kilometers east of Sangri County(桑日县), which is the worship and faithful land of the Dalai lama.

Natural Landscapes of Sangri County

▪ Dagu Canyon Scenic Spot(达古峡谷景区), located at Yajiang Gorge, the junction of Sangri County(桑日县)and Gyaca County(加查县), is the second grand canyon in Tibet.

▪ Woka Scenic Area(沃卡景区)is famous for Wode Gongjie Snow Mountain(沃德贡杰雪山), the three holy rivers (Zengqi River(增期河), Heilong River(黑龙河) and Derimu River(德日木河)) and the seven hot springs. They are known as "Woka Three St"(沃卡三圣).

▪ Sijinlacuo Lake(思金拉错湖)in Tibetan language is a holy lake with mysterious power, which is located in the northern part of Sangri County with an altitude of 4,500 meters. It is shaped like a treasure basin.

▪ Sangri Wapiti Natural Reserve(桑日马鹿自然保护区)covers an area of about 180,000 hectares. The Tibetan Wapiti are only distributed in the Gongbula Mountain(贡布拉山)area of Sangri County, Lhoka Prefecture, Tibet.

▪ Gongdelin Grassland(贡德林草原)which is situated in Zengqi Township(增期乡), Sangri County(桑日县), is one of the important attractions of south Tibet travel line with its vast and fertilizer grassland, cow and horse. It is one of the most famous Tibet yak butter origins which are known as the "imperial grassland" for the Dalai Lama and the dignitaries.